I have had some sort of interest in photography for as far as I can remember, but the last couple of years it has evolved a lot. My motivation has been a combination of a genuine interest in photography as an art form (which I probably got from my dad who was a enthusiastic photographer) and an even bigger interest in buying equipment and gadgets, pretty much regardless of what activity they are for.

This is a blog about what I like to spend my free time on. At the moment it’s skiing, mountain-biking and photography (and traveling to do those things).

Visit iStockphoto or Shutterstock if you want to buy some of my photos for cheap 🙂

Higher resolution versions of my images which are not on iStockphoto or Shutterstock can also be purchased directly from me, contact me for details.

Contact me by commenting on the blog (or flickr/500px) or by sending an e-mail to magnus.kaellstroem(at)gmail.com.



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