Short roadtrip on the island of Ireland

Last week we visited family in Dublin and went on a short roadtrip to to the north. Since we were travelling with our little two year old girl we had plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the scenery 🙂

Northern Ireland

Just your normal view from a rest stop in Northern Ireland.

The plan was to visit Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland and on the way there we also stopped at Carrick-a-Rede to look at a famous rope bridge. I wasn’t so impressed with the actual bridge but the view from the walk there was nice. Our little girl decided to throw up in the car just after leaving the main rode towards the rope bridge and that maybe dampened my enthusiasm a little also.


We saw plenty of impressing cliffs and sea on our trip.

Giant’s Causeway is an impressive place and I had thought a little bit about how to best photograph it. We started with a path high up on the cliffs which gave us a nice view of the area from above.

Giant's Causeway

View from trail marked as advanced cliff trail. In reality it wasn’t very advanced but gave nice views of the area from above.

When we got down to the seaside it started raining and since it was starting to get pretty late we didn’t hang around too long.

Giant's Causeway

When the sky is grey you take shots of the ground instead.

Giant's Causeway

The stone formations really are amazing!

Given the number of people who must visit this place there is of course plenty of shots of it already but I still think it would be an interesting place to spend some time at purely for taking photos, especially evenings or early mornings. That didn’t happen on this trip. We then drove to Portrush where we had booked rooms for the night.

View from Portrush

Houses by the coast, in a tiny little bit of sun light.

Hanging around in Portrush

Our girl taking a short rest and checking out passersby.

After a good night sleep and a short walk around town we continued towards Malin Head which is the most northern part of the island. We stayed at a B&B for one night and spent some time the next day walking along the cliffs and admiring the view.

Malin Head

Mother and daughter admiring the view.

Malin Head

About as far north as you can get in Ireland.

After that we felt it was time to head back to the city and started driving towards Dublin again. To make the trip a little more interesting we used the smaller coastal roads and stopped at every now and then so it ended up taking the better part of the day before we were back in Dublin again. All in all a very nice weekend trip!


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