Aftermarket batteries and Canon 6D

I bought two aftermarket batteries from ebay for my Canon 6D and a couple of days ago the arrived. The brand is DSTE and they work both in the camera, the battery grip (BG-E13) and the Canon charger (LC-E6). The reason I went for aftermarket batteries was purely the cost; I wanted two batteries to use in the battery grip and the OEM battery LP-E6 was about $75 from Amazon UK (which is still cheaper than in Sweden) while the DSTE batteries was $19.49 for a pair. I have read about problems with both camera and chargers with these new more intelligent batteries so I ordered a charger at the same time to get rid of of the potential problems at least (and it was only $5.69 anyway).

DSTE batteries for my Canon 6D.

I bought the batteries and charger from the seller tianlin2010 on ebay without any problems, shipping took less than two weeks to Sweden.

How the performance is remains to be seen. I bought an aftermarket battery to my 50D which died quite fast while my original OEM battery is still going strong. That was a NiMH battery also a Lithium-Ion battery and future will tell how this new pair of Lithium-Ion batteries will work out.

Update: On the first charge they lasted about 1050 shots each, so about 2100 shots in total when using the battery grip. General shooting with quite a lot of reviewing of shots and a number of long exposure ones (which I think drains the battery faster).


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