Another DIY camera wrist strap

When I made my last camera wrist strap I was planning to make one out of paracord, but since I had problems getting hold of it I went for the leather belt version instead. On my trip to Val Thorens I got some paracord from a friendly skier so now I decided to throw together another one!

There are lots of instructions on the web on how to tie the cobra stitch, I used this one. When I was finished I melted the ends with a lighter and tapped on them with a knife to get them to expand a little and get settled in the stitch.

I actually think it turned out great, the color goes well with the retro design of the OM-D! 🙂

Olympus OM-D with my latest and greatest DIY wrist strap.

The stitched part reaches around my wrist and makes it very comfortable. The carabiner slides along the remaining cord and makes it easy to put the strap around the wrist.

The only thought behind the design is that I wanted to be able to tighten the wrist strap in some way so I added a smal carabiner and I also didn’t see any reason to stich all the way back to the camera (it’s a bit more flexible this way).


7 thoughts on “Another DIY camera wrist strap

  1. Some thoughts after making a second strap for my new GM1:

    The total length of the strap is about 30 cm and the unstitched part is about 12 cm. This leaves me enough room to grip the camera comfortably but still minimizing the length of the strap. I have quite thin wrists so adjust accordingly (the length of the stitched strap if you use the same design as me).

    Since I didn’t want to waste cord there was some guesstimating and trial and error involved in knowing where to fold it at the start. The actual stitch consumes about four times as much cord per string as the finished product. In my case where I have about 18 cm of stitch and 12 cm of unstitched cord the shortest string needs to be 84 cm (12 + 4×18 cm) plus a couple of cm for the knots at the ends. If you complete the strap and notice you got the length wrong you can always start over again. The stitching is very fast so it’s not like knitting a sweater (which takes like forever) only to realize you got the size wrong when it’s completed.

    How tight you tie knots determines how rigid the finished strap will be. I redid it a couple of times to get the right feel.

    For the second wrist strap I used a slightly different buckle (from a key ring). I connected it the way I did so I would be able to replace it without destroying the strap in case I found something better:

  2. Thanks for giving specifics on the lengths required; I’ve gone through a few tutorials to find this one which has specifics, rather than vague measurements!

  3. Hi,
    I would like to buy exactly the same color and material of your camera wrist strap. Could you please tell me where can I buy? Thank you

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