Isomac Super Giada Pump Replacement

Our espresso machine, an Isomac Super Giada, have had problems with low pressure during brewing for a while (never over 9 bar on the gauge which measures on the low side as far as I understand). At times the flow rate has been almost non-existent. Cleaning the brew head shower screen and fiddling with the bolt attaching the shower screen to the brew head has at least improved the flow rate temporarily but a couple of weeks ago I decided to order a new pump, hoping it would fix the low pressure.

Well used Isomac Super Giada.

Well used Isomac Super Giada. Notice my nice pants reflecting in the chrome 🙂

It was a little difficult to find information about what pump the Super Giada had, but after reading a little I found someone stating it was a Ceme E505.

Original Ceme E505 pump.

Original Ceme E505 pump.

As far as I understand Ceme and Ulka is more or less the same thing so I figured a 230V/50Hz Ulka EX5 should work (it seems like the standard pump in these kind of espresso machines). I ordered it from German Ebay for 27 Euro including shipping and it arrived today.

I originally planned to take photos during the replacement but I ran into to problems getting the electrical connectors of the old pump and got too frustrated to bother with taking shots of what looked to be a massive failure. After a lot of pulling and cursing I finally managed to remove the wires and could continue to remove the pump. I’m not sure what the correct way to do this is but I disconnected the plastic water tubes and gently separated the two rubber mounts holding the pump in place so it could be removed.

New Ulka EX5 pump installed.

New Ulka EX5 pump installed.

Installing the new Ulka pump went without problems and when testing it I was very happy to see that the pressure climbed over 10 bar! Flow rate is something completely different now, I actually have to think about if the pressure through the porta filter is too high now. And the espresso shots have crema again 😀

5 thoughts on “Isomac Super Giada Pump Replacement

  1. Short update: The machine is a completely different creature after the pump replacement! Maybe I skipped some steps in the troubleshooting, but if you have problems with pressure and water flow I think you should consider replacing the pump. With the new pump installed I notice it makes a different sound when working under pressure compared to the old one (which had a very different and strained sound when working under pressure compared to just running water through the steam wand) and I guess that is one of the signs that the original pump was bad.

  2. Hi,
    Don’t know if you are reading these anymore but thanks for the advice! I just bought a used basic Isomac Giada and it needs some work too. Good to know this pump works as it sells for much less than the “original”. I even found it shipped to Finland for less than 20e here:

    Have you had any experience in fixing the pressure gauge? Or is direct replacement also easier there? On a machine this cheap I would not want to put too much money in as the resale value won’t reflect that anyway, hence fixing would be interesting.


      • Thanks! Mine is consistent too, stuck at zero =) Soon I’ll have experience on replacing it and actually I have removed the current one several times trying to get it working. Haven’t opened it fully so far though because I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the pieces back together. And I have nothing else to plug pressure gauge’s connection point in case I manage to open the gauge permanently.

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