Kitted for Night Riding

The last two seasons I have used two flash lights with P7 LEDs powered by one 18650 cell (MTE SSC P7 and Aurora AK-P7 from DealExtreme) for evening trail rides in the dark. They have worked ok, but compared to newer lights their power and run time is not great so I decided to order an additional one from MagicShine. I don’t go that fast (even in daylight) so I looked for a model with a wide beam and didn’t care if the throw was not the longest available and settled for MJ-872.

MagicShine MJ-872.

MagicShine MJ-872.

I bought the light from an ebay seller in the UK and got the option to chose the standard battery or a more high tech looking one, MJ-828. I went for the high tech one of course 🙂

Battery, MJ-828.

Battery, MJ-828.

According to the MagicShine web site it is supposed to be better protected (over-charge, over-discharge and short circuit) but I’m not how big the difference actually is. As far as I understand at least the waterproofing is supposed to be improved and it has a very cool looking blue glowing LCD display to show the battery voltage (maybe not that important since I have the battery hidden away in my backpack).

I tested the light on my helmet together with one of my old flash lights on the handlebar, but the flash light was switching to low power mode all the time so in practice the trail was only lit by the MJ-872. I had plenty of light anyway! Will try to take some shots from the trail the next time I go for a ride.

Since I recently bought a pair of Cactus V5 radio transmitters I took the opportunity to try some of camera flash for the photos above. I used my Olympus OM-D E-M5 and Canon 580EX SpeedLite together with a DIY light tent as described on Strobist. I threw it together very quickly and didn’t spend much time on the setup but I think the results are quite ok. Will definitely play around with it some more!


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