Homemade Truing Stand

The wheels on two of my bikes went out of true and while it was possible to use the bike as a truing stand when fixing it I started looking at buying a real one anyway. When I searched for recommended stands I ran into Mike T’s wheel building page where there was a DIY design of a truing stand, made by Roger Musson. Plans of the stand are included in his book (which I hear is good), but since I have no real plans to start building wheels right now I decided to try to just throw together a stand based on pictures on the web ( I will probably end up buying the book in the end anyway when I build my first set of wheels).

I found a suitable MDF board (1040x400x20 mm) at a local store and started building. I pre-drilled the MDF to avoid having the screws splitting it (still had some minor problems with that) and used wood glue to get better stability. From pictures on the web I see that most have metal pieces holding the wheel, but I decided to skip that since I didn’t have any good tools for drilling and cutting the metal.

I think it turned out ok.

Finished stand.

Poorly built wheel from a Scott Scale.

Wooden droputs (I figured I can change them if they get worn out).

A piece of paper under transparent packaging tape showing where to position the stand for different axle widths.

Channels made with drill and hacksaw to make it easy to move one of the sides.

Stand with MTB wheel.

Movable side, locked with wing nuts.

I measured to make sure the bolts holding the dropouts would not interfere with the casette or brake rotors.

I added a foot, so the stand would not rest on the bolts beneath the board.


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