Homemade Camera Wrist Strap

I wanted a wrist strap for my Olympus OM-D E-M5 (since that is how I most often use the neck strap anyway) and started looking at buying one from gordy’s camera straps. But then again, how hard can it be to tie a piece of leather together and connect it to the camera with a split ring?

Originally I was going to do this the right way, but then the strap would end up costing as much as the one from Gordy’s so I took the cheap way instead; an old belt, a couple of zip ties and a homemade O-ring made from self-vulcanizing tape.

I used a sharp scalpel to cut of a wide enough strip from one side of the old belt.

Five zip ties to hold the two ends together.

Finished strap connected to the OM-D.

The short piece of cut off zip tie. Without it the strap was bending where the ends where joined together and it didn’t feel very secure.

Made completely from things I had lying around at home and I feel confident that it will hold as long as I don’t through the camera around completely out of control. I thought about gluing the leather ends together, but in the end I just didn’t bother. What I did do was to add a small piece of a cut off zip tie on the side where the strap ends join, to avoid bending at the joint.


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