Walking In Ireland – Achill Island

We travelled to Ireland some weeks ago to meet up with Ellen’s sister who lives in Dublin and then drive to the west coast for a couple of days of walking and hiking. We didn’t spend so much time planning the walks, but found some suggestions on the homepage for Achill Tourism and a page called Mayo Walks.

During our drive to Achill from Dublin it rained non stop. We were staying in Keel (at Roskeel House Bed & Breakfast) and when we arrived in the afternoon we went for a short walk along the main road and the beach, both to see the town but also to get and understanding of the ratings of the walks on the Achill Tourism page. This was the Walk D – Keel-Trawmore Loop and it was rated as easy. Even if it was raining sideways it was just that, easy. I was expecting us to be the only ones outside in the bad weather, but there were a lot of kite boarders and surfers out. We even met two golfers!

The next day we were planning to do a longer walk. Based on the short walk the evening before we figured we should manage a walk graded as moderate. The weather was still not great so we tried to find something fairly close by and decided to do the Dooagh walk (Walk B on the Achill Tourism homepage). We took the car to Dooagh Beach (a very short drive) and when we arrived there it was still raining, but it soon stopped and the weather got a lot better. We got some spectacular views of the island from the peaks we passed during the walk. The rating as moderate felt correct, but it took some effort traversing along the hill side and crossing the river was not entirely easy.

Achill Island

Dooagh. Panasonic GF3 and 14 f/2.5.

Achill Island, Ireland

Dooagh. Panasonic GF3 and 14 f/2.5.

Dooagh. Panasonic GF3 and 14 f/2.5.

View from highpoint at 269m. Panasonic GF3 and 14 f/2.5.

Sheep having lunch. Panasonic GF3 and 14 f/2.5.

Panorama showing the valley we passed. We traversed the whole valley, from left to right, and the heights on the right are the ones referred to as 234m, 269m and 194m in the description of the walk.

I can really recommend this walk if you are on Achill island and the weather is ok (a big part of the experience was the views)! My guess is that Walk A – Keem Valley also gives some spectacular views if the weather is good, but when we were there the next day we were a bit to tired to climb the hill from the lower beach.

I originally had more pictures from the rest of the week in this post but I decided to move them to a separate post in order to keep the size of the posts down.


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