A Weekend In Copenhagen

A couple of photos from last weekend in Copenhagen. I almost exclusively used the 25/1.4, except for a couple of shots around Nyhavn. I’m comfortable with the focal length (equivalent to 50 mm on FF) and I feel it’s more difficult to create interesting images with wider lenses. I just brought my GF3 and the 14/2.5+25/1.4 on the trip and I didn’t miss my EOS 50D one single time during the weekend (but it would have been nice to have a tripod for some better night shots)!

GF3 + 14/2.5.

Danish Transportation

GF3 + 25/1.4.


GF3 + 25/1.4.


GF3 + 25/1.4.


GF3 + 25/1.4.


GF3 + 25/1.4.


GF3 + 25/1.4.


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