More GF3 Pictures From My Neighborhood

A couple of shots from yesterday. I went out trying to shoot details in the surroundings close to my apartment.

The Fence

GF3 and 25/1.4. Tried to set the aperture to get short DOF but still some visible background.


GF3 and 25/1.4. Test to have out of focues objects in the foreground with the 25/1.4.


GF3 and 25/1.4. Tried different aperture settings but I think this turned out best.


GF3 and 25/1.4. Slow moving animals are easiest to shoot 🙂

I really like the output from the GF3 (shooting RAW), but I think I need to pay more attention to not blowing out highlights compared to when I’m using my EOS 50D. For example, in the shot of the couple on the park bench it was really difficult to recover the sky without getting strange differences in color (I think I blow out parts of the blue channel). Then again, this could also be that I just don’t use the metering system correctly and end up with over exposed picture. Will try to pay more attention to the exposure and histogram from now on in situation where there is an obvious risk of blowing out the highlights.


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