Skiing 2012

Some pictures from the 2012 season. I brought my 50D and EF-S 15-85 on all major trips this season, but found that I didn’t bothered to take it out of the backpack as much as I should have. When skiing with a group of people I don’t know very well I feel a resistance to stop and take out the camera and because I fell it will slow us down too much, but I think that’s mostly a feeling and I could probably have taken out the 50D much more than I did.

Instead I ended up taking quite a lot of photos with my W995 Sony Ericsson mobile which has a crappy camera and requires a lot of work in post-processing to end up with decent images. In order to address that I have bought  Panasonic GF3 with a 14/2.5 lens which I plan to have in a chest pocket or similar for easier access. I have a new skiing trip coming up in a couple of days so I will see how that works out in practice 🙂

Down Couloir Rectiligne

Couloir Rectiligne in Chamonix

Season Finale

Magic forest in Chamonix

Skiing in Pas de Chevre

Pas de Chevre in Chamonix

Wide Slopes

La Grave

Back to Chamonix

Short walk after skiing Pas de Chevre in Chamonix


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